Strumpshaw Fen Slime Moulds & Fungi – April 2023

30 April 2023

In early April the daughter spotted this wonderful, bright yellow Stemonitis flavogenita slime mould.

We were able to observe it’s transformation over the next few days.

Stemonitis flavogenita – 9th April 2023

As with the Stemonitis we were able to see the transformation of this group orange-pink of Lycogala epidendrum slime mould below :

Lycogala epidendrum – 9th April 2023

We came across this log over some boggy ground…

Badhamia utricularis – 9th April 2023

And were very excited to find what we think might be Badhamia utricularis.

The sporangia all seemed to have released their spores and trying to identify using Google image search was fruitless.

Badhamia utricularis – 9th April 2023

These forms do resemble the “bunches of grapes” form that Badhamia utricularis has.

Badhamia utricularis – 9th April 2023

Daldinia concentrica growing out of a branch collar :

Daldinia concentrica – 9th April 2023

Some Enteridium lycoperdon slime moulds – False Puffballs :

Enteridium lycoperdon – 9th April 2023

The aethalium of the Enteridium lycoperdon above had split to reveal the dark brown spore mass underneath.

Enteridium lycoperdon – 10th April 2023

Some crumpled Auricularia auricula :

Auricularia auricula – 10th April 2023

We found what we think was the plasmodial stage of a Stemonitis flavogenita with sporangia beginning to form around the perimeter of the plasmodium :

Stemonitis flavogenita – 11th April 2023

The fungus below was surely Xylaria polymorpha – Dead Man’s Fingers. The blueish grey bodies and pink-white tips indicate they are in the the asexual reproductive phase? [1][2]

Xylaria polymorpha – 12th April 2023
Xylaria polymorpha – 12th April 2023

As the Xylaria polymorpha matures it will turn to the familiar brown to black granulated form.

We came back to this Enteridium lycoperdon – below – later in the evening — it’s textured aethalium had become smoother :

Enteridium lycoperdon – 22nd April 2023 – 9.30am
Enteridium lycoperdon – 22nd April 2023 – 18.00pm

And it’s always wonderful to spot Scutellinia :

Scutellinia – 22nd April 2023

[1] Xylaria polymorpha at First Nature
[2] Xylaria polymorpha at Fungi Growing on Wood