Glastonbury Honey Fungus

23 October 2017

This was a fabulous display of Armillaria on the corner of Lambrook Street and Launder Close in Glastonbury.

Armillaria – Glastonbury – October 2017
Armillaria – Glastonbury – October 2017

It’s not clear in the photos above — the daughter is crouching in front of the ground up remains of a tree stump around which the Armillaria is growing.

This Google StreetView from November 2015 shows the stump remains :

The following StreetView from July 2009 shows the tree:

A search of the Mendip District Council’s Public Access Planning Explorer has an application from March 2014 to fell a Maple because it had a “weak union at main crown break” [1] and the tree does look Maple-like.

[1] Mendip Public Access Online Applications